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Antisemitism is on the rise

the BDS movement is growing

some deny the Holocaust

Throughout the ages, discord has been sown as a tool for political and religious control. Humans have used God’s word as a weapon against one another, distorting His message and humanizing Him. This has led to Replacement Theology, discrimination and worse.

Casa Israel has chosen ART as its medium for change because ART creates a space for self reflection in light of other points of view.

More importantly today, ART has the ability to create a bridge between communities who know suffering. By finding that common ground, examining our own responsibilities and choosing relationship, we can change the conversation.

We can no longer be silent, unintentionally supporting those who would bring harm to Israel and her people.

NOW is the time to act. Donate today to help us bring the “Sculptured Dialogue of Suffering” to Austin and begin to reframe the conversation.


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Currently, Casa Israel is featuring a unique Art Exhibit. The Sculptured Dialogue of Suffering between the Crucifixion and the Holocaust will begin the journey in Austin, Texas in the spring of 2020. Please enter your information so that we can notify you of details.

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