BOOK: The Hidden Root Causes of the Holocaust

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Today, many churches are silent when Israel and the Jews are attacked vocally or physically. Many congregations don’t know a thing about Israel being related to God’s Word. That is how pernicious Replacement Theology has been and what it has become. This book clarifies how Replacement Theology, Anti-Semitism, and the Holocaust are horribly and intricately linked to each other.

A congregation hearing the doctrine that the Church has REPLACED Israel in God’s plan, has already been infected by the deadly Replacement Theology virus. For centuries, this theological HERESY has grown like a cancer, metastasizing throughout the church body.

This book clearly shows the links between the anti-Semitic teachings of the early church fathers, Luther’s writings and the Nazi propaganda led to the mass murders of WW II and continues to this day. The church was silent then and remains silent today. We must realize that the demonic forces which caused the Holocaust are still alive and at work.  Are we going to learn and address the hard lessons of the past?  Will the church remain silent and cowardly again?

In order not to be impacted and overwhelmed by Replacement Theology, we must understand where it came from, recognize its disguises and take a vocal, personal and unwavering stand against it.

AUTHOR BIO:                                                  

John Somerville is a retired Marine Corps Colonel. During his 30 years in the Corps he was an Infantry Officer and later an Intelligence Officer specializing in the Middle East. John spent time in Israel, Turkey, Somalia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. John first went to the Middle East in the early 70′s and has made more than 60 trips there in the ensuing years. For 6 years John was the Central Region Coordinator for CUFI. At present, he is Director and President of “Zion’s Watchmen,” which advocates for a strong Israel/ USA relationship. John and his wife Mary make their home on a ranch in North Fork, California, USA. They have six children and currently 17 grandchildren. (Still anticipating more tribe members.)