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Israel Awareness

Casa Israel promotes and facilitates Israel Awareness through Educational Programs and Charity all over the world.


Featured Program


Sculptured Dialogue of Suffering

Art can change perspective when words fail. See the world through a different lens in Austin, Spring 2020.

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The primary work of Casa Israel is to boldly take a stand for Israel, for Jerusalem as its undivided, eternal capital and for the unquestioned right of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel.  The truths in the bible stand today and we are committed to affirming them with every life touched, around the world and in all ways.


Casa Israel is developing a large and diverse group of resources. Please check back often or sign up for our newsletter to learn more.


Throughout the ages, art has transformed the world, bringing both beauty and truth. Art allows, and occasionally forces, rigorous self examination, helping us to more fully explore our perception. Art enables a more open and tolerant mind, and makes room for another perspective..

For over 30 years of living part time in Jerusalem, Rita Adams has captured the richness of the Creator’s love for Israel in a variety of art expressions. Art prints can be purchased at Fine Art America.


We invite you to join us in support of Israel and increased awareness between Christians and Jews worldwide. Visit our Participate page to learn how you can Give, Learn, Serve or Attend.

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